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Do you notice that your customers say they don’t have enough time to have a new floor installed? Estillon has a time-saving solution: instead of a liquid levelling compound, use the subfloors: Floorfixx!

The dry levelling system: Floorfixx

Floorfixx is a dry system for creating a new, insulating, level subfloor. It’s also immediately accessible: a major advantage over the use of liquid levelling compounds! Time-saving, simple and clean! No need to carry in heavy bags of powdered levelling compound, and no dust from mixing it. No long drying and waiting periods either. A subfloor like Floorfixx  also prolongs the lifetime of the flooring material.

Floorfixx are subfloors consisting of a sandwich system that are quickly and easily installed by means of an interactive adhesive bonding to create a new, insulating, level subfloor that is immediately accessible. These are the perfect subfloors for use under linoleum, cushion vinyl, PVC, click PVC, carpet, carpet tiles and engineered wood. Plus: they can be used for both domestic and commercial situations. In addition, it reduces impact sound. These subfloors meets the 10dB standard posed by an owners’ association.

Floorfixx is suitable for domestic and project use. Always lay a damp-resistant PE film beforehand. Need more information about the Floorfixx range? Please contact Estillon, we are your specialist.

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Voordelen ondervloeren Floorfixx

  • Snel egalisatiesysteem
  • Direct klaar voor uw vloerafwerking
  • Eenvoudig zwevend te installeren
  • Zorgt voor geluidsreductie (10 dB ΔLlin/23 dB ΔLw)

The advantages provided by an underlay:

  • You can create a high quality, flat, stable and permanently dry base floor screeds;
  • Meet noise requirements;
  • Prolongs the life time of your floor;
  • Subfloors offer extra luxury and comfort.

Floorfixx Products

Various prominent projects in which Estillon’s products have been installed: